Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Lulu and her buddy Zane Smart both showed up at Church on Sunday with matching black-eyes! Zane's mom thought it would be funny to say they had gotten into a fist-fight! Which is somewhat hysterical because both Lu and Zane are the sweetest kids and great friends! Zane got his "shiner" from bonking into his brother's knee while playing, and Lu received her's when a neighbor kid was wielding a plastic sword as Lu rode by on her bike... bad timing!

To make matters worse... it was spring class pictures at school yesterday!

Zane thought it was cool... Lulu called me within 15 minutes of school starting to tell me there was
"no way"
she was having her picture taken with the class...


Lady Baillio said...

That is priceless!

Lindsay Griffeth said...

That's pretty funny.

The Smart's used to be in our old ward with us . . . great family!

HammondFam said...

I didn't know it was possible to still look so cute with a shiner! Lulu truly is a beautiful little girl!

We miss you guys! We went to the temple yesterday, and I thought of you! I thought about how awesome it is that you all are sealed! We really should try and get together one of these days. Maybe dinner sometime?

Zwick family said...

I can't believe that! So funny that she was worried about the school pics! We miss being in the Legacy Ward!
Talk to you soon.


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